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Collective Wisdom

15 March 2018

The Power of Pathway Audits™

Pathway Audits™ are highly focused anonymous on-line questionnaires designed by experts in their field. They are designed to reveal the ‘hidden collective wisdom’ of your management team.

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Leadership Development

15 March 2018

Leadership Development

Say ‘leadership development’ to a business executive and you will end up with a multitude of different views to what “leadership” is.

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Effective Leadership ?

10 August 2017

Leadership a Social Property

Leadership is not, and never has been, a ‘quality’ of the leader. Leadership is a social situation where team members, (or even voters) “willingly and enthusiastically accept the authority” of their manager.

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Information Overload - A Satnav Solution

06 June 2017

There are many articles on ‘information overload’ experienced by leaders and managers. Yet the answer is not necessarily ‘less information’, as important strategic and operational business decisions need good quality relevant data to be effective.

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Recruitment and Selection Behaviour

14 April 2017

When selection interviewing the interviewer is trying to predict a candidate’s behaviour in a specific job role. The interviewer needs to know, therefore, two important things

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Work Smarter - address your major business issues

24 March 2017

There is an expression used on nearly all management courses –“work smarter not harder”. All organisations need to know their strengths and development needs when it comes to business decisions, so how do they discover them? Let us look at the “harder” route first.

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Meetings - are they cost effective

23 March 2017


Formal management meetings are essential but many are inefficient, ineffective and time wasting. Many organisations just take them for granted as a necessary evil but management meetings can be very productive, so what is going wrong?

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Strategic Insight with Application

05 January 2017

All my working life I have been involved in management training, basically knowledge acquisition, retention and application.! What I really wanted was a method of discovering something new in organisational life that could be acted on; ‘strategic insight with application’.

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Corporate Actions - Are you ready for that unlimited loss

29 November 2016

The Corporate Actions department by definition is not something that any financial institution wants to invest in. Corporate Actions is very rarely a “Trading Strategy” nor is it a money making engine for any financial institution. Yet the Corporate Action team exists everywhere because if your client holds stock then they have to be made aware of any Corporate Action on that stock.

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The Leadership Delusion

02 November 2016

This paper was presented to HRD & Consultancy Masters Degree students in the Department of Organisational Psychology Birkbeck, University of London on the 27th Oct 2016

Executive summary

There is a big industry behind leadership training so there is a financial incentive to make the claim that leadership is a characteristic of the leader, to justify the fact that they can then be trained. The problem is that Empirical research has found very few characteristics associated with leadership, apart from the fact that they have ‘followers’. In addition the concept of leadership is seldom adequately defined.

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