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Improve your Growth and Profitability - Ten Good Reasons to use Pathway Audits

30 April 2018 - by Richard du Plessis

Pathway Audits are diagnostics which cover key business areas where best practice should be implemented and are available at  They can help your organization focus on its strengths and address its challenges taking advantage of knowledge and experience of experts in specific fields from Innovation and Marketing through to Lean.

These are the 10 reasons why Pathway Audits should be used -

1 - The Diagnostics are Online – this enables the input of many people within your team to be gathered in a timely way, at their own pace and irrespective of geography.

2 - Ease of Use – The diagnostic questions are in non-technical English designed for a simple agree or disagree response.

3 - Cost Effective – Pathway Audits are priced to reflect their complexity and subject content but are a significantly cheaper way of gaining valuable input on the way forward and key issues to be addressed. They are a major saving compared to alternative approaches.

4 - Expert Driven – Pathway Audits are designed by leaders in their field who both design the diagnostics and are involved in reporting and feedback.

5 - Timely – Pathway Audits take between 15 and 30 minutes to complete depending on the subject and size of the diagnostic. A relatively small amount of effort for individual responders to complete.

6 - Ease of Completion – The responders can complete the diagnostic with a single or multiple visits to a Pathway Audit. Their access is managed by a link specific to the individual which is emailed to them.

7 - Anonymity – The responder input and the results are anonymous.

8 - Detailed Feedback – A detailed and sizeable feedback report is provided within days from responder completion and is specific to your company and organization. Initial feedback is accompanied with an offer to discuss further via video or teleconference.

9 – Range of Subjects – There are currently more than 30 Pathway Audits available at covering Innovation, Marketing, I.T., Human Resources, Outsourcing, Knowledge Management  and many more. A new subject area is added at least every month.

10 – Practical – Designed by experienced practitioners in each field who are available for additional feedback if required.

For further information see our video Pathway Audits - Introduction to Online Business Analysis & Diagnostic Tools or visit our website

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