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Information Overload - A Satnav Solution

06 June 2017 - by Alan Garmonsway

There are many articles on ‘information overload’ experienced by leaders and managers. Yet the answer is not necessarily ‘less information’, as important strategic and operational business decisions need good quality relevant data to be effective.

The solution is often ‘better structured information’. The information you receive is often incomplete and collected in small parts from various sources over time, which can make it difficult to see important connections. Add to this the high ‘background noise’ of day-to-day e-mails and the like, and it is no wonder that information overload is a popular discussion area.

At Business Enlightenment, we recognise this and have developed an ‘information satnav’ for leading and implementing key programme, change and strategic business/organisational issues and initiatives. Our on-line Pathway Audits™ provide orderly and effective ways for you to collect the vital information so important for good decision-making and progress. They cover more than 30 business areas such as Managing Talent, Leading Change, Cultural Fit and Outsourcing, and also benchmark against best practices.

You choose your cohort of colleague respondents and leave the rest to us to collect your high-quality data. We will analyse key areas, give you a full report of where to improve direction, and implementation and offer you advice and guidance, all very cost and time effective. In addition, we are currently offering a free ‘Business Healthcheck’ audit to give you first-hand experience of how our audits work.

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Alan Garmonsway, Business Enlightenment

Alan has worked in all sizes of companies and the public sector, often leading major programmes in Change & Transformation, M&A, Organisation Development, HR, Corporate Communications and IT.

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