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Recruitment & Selection 10 Essential Steps

01 May 2018 - by Geoff Ribbens

10 steps to improve recruitment and selection

1.     Check that the vacant post is still essential. Do you really need this post?

2.     Make sure the post is aligned to the business strategy. Check that your strategy is not about to change.

3.     Identify the key purpose and the key roles in the job. Be clear about what you want the new candidate to do and why?

4.     Identify the professional and technical competences and behaviours. Does the candidate have the right technical or professional skills?

5.     Identify the intra personal and team competences and behaviour. Does the role require them to manage themselves and/or work with others?

6.     Structure the interview along behaviourally based questioning. How people behave in their present job is a good indicator of how they will behave in the new role.

7.     Conduct the interview so the best candidates get through – have you thought about the cost of selecting the wrong candidate? It is worth getting selection right first time.

8.     Have your interviewers been trained in best practice? Selection interviewing is skilled.

9.     Have you a decision making or scoring system to reduce bias?

10.  How do you attract the right candidates to apply – is such recruitment effective?

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