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Business Diagnostics Tools for SME s

08 April 2018 - by Geoff Ribbens

Pathway Audits are a fantastic new way to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of any business or organisation. They help you plan how it will cope with major business issues as each Pathway Audit looks in detail at strategy, organisation and process.

We have designed over 30 audits, each covering a different business issue, for both SMEs, large and Multi National Organisations.

The audits designed for SMEs are slightly shorter, as such organisations tends to be less complex. Our feedback is however the same, an in-depth comprehensive report. Pathway Audits currently available and of interest to SMEs are:  Business/Organisation Health Check, Marketing, Start Up Viability, Downsizing & Recovery, Change & Transformation, M&A Organisational Readiness, Recruitment/Selection, Leader Hire Culture Fit, Social Media Strategy with many more to follow.

The Pathway Audits™ act as a benchmark against best practice and identify where you should focus your resources for business or organisational growth and improvement. It is an online audit filled in by your management team in just 20 minutes. The audits are available for all types of organisation and can be used by consultancies and coaches.

Use Pathway Audits™ to achieve enlightenment.

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