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15 March 2018 - by Geoff Ribbens

The Power of Pathway Audits™

Pathway Audits™ are highly focused anonymous on-line questionnaires designed by experts in their field. They are designed to reveal the ‘hidden collective wisdom’ of your management team.

We have a library of 30 plus Pathway Audits™ and more in the pipe line. They identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business, or the business of your clients, rapidly and at low cost.

Pathway Audits™ cover major strategic issues, the delivery of critical programmes and people development. Whether you are interested in the strengths and weaknesses of the business with regards to M&A, IT Strategy, Benchmarking, Outsourcing, Executive Hire or Leadership; there is an audit for you.

Who would commission one of our Pathway Audits™? Our library of audits deliver vital information to the MD of a company, or the HR director, or those involved in quality management. They are also of value to consultants, trainers and coaches as they identify what needs to be done to improve performance both short term (quick wins) and long term.

All the on-line Pathway Audits™ take about 20 mins to complete. Once the management team have filled in the on-line audit, in just a few days you will get the results. The purpose of the audit is to compare your organisations against best practice. Go to for more information or contact

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