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10 Common Blockages to Innovation

01 May 2018 - by Geoff Ribbens

Many businesses start off as creative and innovative but soon fall into some, or all, of the 10 most common traps that lead to stagnation and the lack of growth.Use our Innovation Pathway Audit to identify where your company is when it comes to the barriers and enablers for innovation and improvement.

Your business will stagnate if it does not innovate. It is vitally important to create , enable and support an environment which encourages innovation in all parts of your business; your products, organisation, systems, processes etc.

These are the 10 common blockages to successful innovation -

  1. Your organisation does not prioritize innovation – it is too busy!
  2. Your organisation does not allocate resources to support innovation – staff, time & finance.
  3. If it does innovate, it does not monitor the success of the innovation effort.
  4. There is no incentives for people who make innovation happen.
  5. Your people are not skilled in managing and leading innovation.
  6. Your business does not support-controlled experimentation and risk taking.
  7. Your business does not manage the innovation process.
  8. There is no consistency in delivering innovation projects.
  9. The business does not learn from failure.
  10. Your business is not a ‘learning organisation’.

Measure your organisations strengths and weaknesses when it comes to innovation by using Pathway Audits™. Pathway Audits™ are online diagnostic tools that measure your orgaization against best practice. Focus and build on your strengths and tackle the weaknesses. Get several of your management team to respond to the online audit to get an unbiased assessment resulting in a comprehensive report.Watch our video

Pathway Audits - Introduction to Online Business Analysis & Diagnostic Tools

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