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We publish online Systems, Organisation and Process ‘health-checks’ called Pathway Audits™ that can quickly and cost effectively assess your ability to deliver Strategy, Programmes and Change.

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Our experienced Pathway Audit designers and authors are professionals with expertise in many business sectors. We give prompt analysis and feedback on each audit.

30 years of experience for 30 minutes of your time.

  • Picture of Geoff Ribbens

    Geoff Ribbens

    Specialist in organisational behaviour and consultant, coach and trainer with many public and private organisations.

  • Picture of Alistair Cumming

    Alistair Cumming

    Alistair has considerable experience in H.R. with large multi national companies. He has combined this with lecturing in organisational change and knowledge management.

  • Picture of Richard du Plessis

    Richard du Plessis

    An experienced business leader with an extensive international background and multiple industry sector knowledge.


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Recruitment & Selection 10 Essential Steps

1 May 2018

10 steps to improve recruitment and selection

1.     Check that the vacant post is still essential. Do you really need this post?

2.     Make sure the post is aligned to the business strategy. Check that your strategy is not about to change.

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Myths of Leadership

1 May 2018

Leadership training and coaching is big business. This business is nearly always based on the myth that leadership can be identified as a "characteristic" or "quality" of the leader. Those who are said to have such qualities are trustworthy, emotionally intelligent, stable people with considerable foresight. Such commentators seem to describe what ought to be not what actually exists in the 'real world'. Look at the 4 myths of leadership and you will never look at leaders to understand leadership ever again - you will look elsewhere.

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