Welcome to Business Enlightenment. We publish online Systems, Organisation and Process ‘health-checks’ called Pathway Audits™ that can quickly and cost effectively assess your ability to deliver Strategy, Programmes and Change. Pathway Audit business diagnostics use a similar approach to online Personality Profiles and are introduced more fully in our explanatory video - Pathway Audits - Introduction to Online Business Analysis & Diagnostic Tools   


Business Enlightenment provides the “simple solution” to complex organisational issues. Senior executives, managers, and their teams often hold the key, without collectively realising it, to a deep understanding of their organisations strengths and development needs.

This ‘collective wisdom’ can be accessed through “Pathway Audits”; Pathway Audits are the routes to discovery. Our growing team of experienced directors, consultants and academics have developed the on-line tool of Pathway Audits. These are simple and quick to use but very illuminating, giving “Over thirty years of experience in thirty minutes”.

Pathway Audits are applied to key business issues, for example Change, Outsourcing, I.T., M&A, Executive Selection, Downsizing, Lean Thinking and even Leadership. It is through the combined knowledge and experience of the Business Enlightenment team that we have devised methods to access this hidden collective wisdom found within your organisation.



About Pathway Audits™


Our Pathway Audits identify your company’s present state of implementation or readiness, focusing on those factors that enable progress and those that present barriers. All the Audits are on-line surveys completed by your nominated executives, senior managers and their teams.

Our Pathway Audits are designed to reveal significant and powerful information that consultants or organisations can act on and stimulate invaluable discussion and debate. These Pathways are designed to help you start or continue your journey in important business areas so you achieve your vision efficiently and effectively.

Business Enlightenment generates reports that will save you time and money, pointing the way to a successful pathway for implementation and the achievement of planned business benefits. Feedback and interpretation is provided by both the authors and any designated consultants. The tools we use are complex and have been designed over a substantial period of time. They get to the heart of your key issues when implementing your business strategy, programmes and change.

The tools  have been designed over many months by;

Richard du Plessis

Richard has more than 35 years of experience, holding senior international management roles in the Information Technology, Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial, Consulting and Oil and Gas sectors. He has worked with large and medium sized multi-national organisations as well as small businesses. He has lived and worked in 8 countries.

A significant part of his time has been spent designing and implementing large multi-disciplined change programmes. These have successfully realised significant profitability improvement and growth .

Alan Garmonsway BSc, Chartered FCIPD

Alan’s background is with HR, Operations and originally R&D, mainly in biosciences and technology-driven companies. He has in-depth experience of working, as a research scientist and as an HR director, in a wide range of company environments  and organisations (quoted LSE & NASDAQ privately help and public sector). In addition. Alan has also established his own consultancy in HR  and associated activities again working with a range of organisations.

His main interest and focus are in the people and organisational aspects of developing and growing successful businesses in areas such as Change &Transformation, Employee Relations, Reward Systems, Organisational Development and alignment of HR and Business Strategy.

Geoff Ribbens MA, BSc, PGC(ed), Chartered FCIPD, PGC(coaching)

The first 20 years of his working life Geoff lectured to postgraduates in organisational behaviour at a number of Universities. In the past 25 years he has been an independent consultant, coach and training specialist. During his career he has written three books, several management articles and developed training material for the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Geoff has worked for a wide range of companies and industries both in the private and public sector, concentrating mainly on insurance, defence, NHS and pharmaceuticals. In more recent years he has been a coach helping the leadership development of SMEs.Geoff has an academic background in the social sciences and in questionnaire design.

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