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Recruitment and Selection - just the tip of the iceberg

09 June 2016

Hiring the next generation of leaders

Many organisations see hiring high potential managers as a simple task of recruitment and selection: perhaps using some form of selection process, interviews, assessment centres and perhaps psychometric tests.

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Finding the next job - Employees being made redundant?

06 May 2016

Finding the next job - Employees being made redundant.

Making some employees redundant may be unavoidable but helping them look for a new start is not. We have designed a two day workshop for those who are to move on. For trainers and coaches and those in HR this workshop design is free and described in

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Leadership - A poorly defined concept.

30 April 2016

Leadership –too vague to be useful?

Leadership is a concept frequently used in management and politics but it is seldom, if ever, defined.

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Recruitment - the CV/Resume trap

29 April 2016

The CV/Resume is a sales document and should not form the basis for an interview.

Even today managers seem to believe that interviewing potential employees by using their CV/Resume’ as the basis for interview questions is a sound idea.

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Recruitment - Predicting behaviour in selection

28 April 2016

Predicting a candidate and interviewers approach to behaviours.

In selection interviewing the interviewer is trying to predict a candidate’s behaviour in a specific job role.


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Keeping the benefits of Downsizing

24 March 2016

Downsizing & Recovery – Don’t lose the benefits as well as the staff.

A major downsizing is often a necessary fact of business life. Whether due to financial constraints, new technology, work processes or the like, it is a time for re-balancing and re-focusing.

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The Rubiks Cube of change

22 March 2016

Solving the Change and Transformation Rubiks Cube.

CEOs and business leaders have seen a new phrase over the last few years - Change and Transformation. Now a discipline in its own right, the veritable ' Rubiks cube' of change is difficult to solve.

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I.S. Strategic Failure

01 February 2016

Building the I.S. future foundations from past learning.

Why is it many senior leaders and executives perceive their I.S. strategy, if they have one, has not and is still not delivering the expected business outcomes but still incurring considerable costs? Why are these leaders also sceptical of the role technology will play in the organisations future growth and success.

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Executive Culture Fit

17 January 2016

A cultural flight simulator would be nice.

In the training of a commercial airline pilot, a flight simulator is used. As a senior HR director in industry, I often wished I had a similar simulator for practicing in advance the integration of a new executive joining the company.

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The Leadership Mirage

17 January 2016

Why followership is more important than leadership.

 Ask yourself two simple questions:

  1. If a leader believes they have “leadership” skills but the followers do not; does the leader actually have leadership skills?

  2. If a leader does not believe they have “leadership” skills but the followers do; then does the leader have “leadership” skills?

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