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24 March 2017 - by Geoff Ribbens

There is an expression used on nearly all management courses –“work smarter not harder”. All organisations need to know their strengths and development needs when it comes to business decisions, so how do they discover them? Let us look at the “harder” route first.

The harder route consumes time and resources, it usually consists of painstaking interviews of the stakeholder managers and even work observation. The problem with this route is that you do not know if you are asking the right questions and then the answers you get, because of managerial politics, may not be that reliable. Will managers be open in an interview about the companies “weaknesses” or even their own lack of skill and awareness? The hard route is costly in terms of time and money, and may be unreliable.

The second, smarter, route consumes much less time and is far less costly and is much more reliable. This route consists of using an outside, neutral, on-line assessment system - a highly focused questionnaire. Our specialists designed the questionnaire in areas where they have expertise. The questionnaire consists of randomly sorted questions; stakeholder managers fill in the questionnaire (Pathway Audits™) anonymously. The harder route takes weeks, the smarter route takes less than 30 mins per stakeholder manager and the system feeds back their collective wisdom.

The neutral, outside assessment system is used by our world-wide partners, see our web site. Pathway Audits™ only cost between £150 and £2,450; the feedback is included in this cost.

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