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Meetings - are they cost effective

23 March 2017 - by Geoff Ribbens


Formal management meetings are essential but many are inefficient, ineffective and time wasting. Many organisations just take them for granted as a necessary evil but management meetings can be very productive, so what is going wrong?

Our Meetings Pathway Audit™- identifies 10 key areas where success or failure can be located. The purpose of each agenda item is unclear, there is poor preparation, the cost of meetings has not been calculated, the chairperson’s management is poor, their social behaviour is poor, their non-verbal behaviour lacks impact, members are ill prepared, their behaviour is not aimed at transparency and cooperation, they have no guide lines and finally all parties have a negative view of formal management meetings to start with.

By using our Meetings Pathway Audit™ you can identify your strengths and areas to improve, it is through this route that you can save huge amounts of time and money. Try this little test, calculate how many management meetings take place each month, what is the number of attendees, what is their average gross income per hour and how long, on average, does each meeting take. Once you have calculate the cost of meetings then multiply by 12 to get the yearly cost. The yearly cost is often shocking, you can, using the meeting audit, find ways to reduce time spent in meeting by 50% and the number of meeting each year by 50%.

Managers fill in our on-line questionnaire and your company’s strengths and development needs emerge, the feedback is included in the cost of the audit.

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