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Reasons to be cheerful - Study Example

01 September 2016 - by Alan Garmonsway

Company A is undertaking a major change programme involving renewed strategic focus on specific product lines, organisation rationalisation and relocation of staff. A newly-formed leadership team is to deliver this, which has been brought together from various parts of the business.

They complete our Change & Transformation on-line audit which confirms that their programme is strong in governance, external stakeholder support and strategic alignment. However, it also highlights that critical areas of implementation such as project management, staff engagement and changing working practices are weaker and require action for effective programme delivery. These areas had not been pinpointed in the initial leadership team meetings, and the audit also helps to gel the team in their revised approach.

Five good reasons to use a Pathway Audit™….

  • Impartial and structured analysis of your company’s readiness to deliver on key business decisions.
  • Helps develop new thinking and competitive advantage in your business strategy.
  • Pinpoints critical action areas for the most effective delivery of key strategic business decisions.
  • Time-efficient and cost-effective, supported by feedback from experts.
  • Effectively captures your own leadership team’s viewpoint and approach.

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