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Decision Support - Vital Business Information

23 July 2016 - by Geoff Ribbens

Decision Support - Vital Business Information.

Major business decisions require quality information and data.


With quality information you can make better decisions which result in the effective delivery of your strategy. “Pathway Audits” collect meaningful and clear information about your organisation’s ability to deliver in key business areas whether it is: IT/IS Strategy, Lean Thinking, Outsourcing, Shared services, Remote working and many others.

“Pathway Audits” are simple on-line questionnaires designed by our experts which are completed by your management team.They reveal your strongest and weakest links when it comes to making major business decisions. The information obtained means you can concentrate your resources onto the weakest links whilst building on your strengths.

“Pathway Audits” topics cover three themes: 1. Strategy: such as Social Media Strategy, M&A Culture fit, Knowledge Management, IS, HR. 2. Programmes: such as Change, Lean, Outsourcing, Downsizing & Recovery. 3. People & Processes: such as Leadership, Hiring High Potential Managers, Meetings.

Pathway Audits are on-line, inexpensive with the results available rapidly - and the feedback is part of the price of the audit. You can use Pathway Audits as a benchmark, as the “pathway to take” in decision making, as a form of “gap analysis” or even as a wake-up call to change and improve. Pathway Audits harness the collective wisdom of your management team and supply information you never knew was available. Go to to see the rapidly growing number of highly focused questionnaires.

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