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Creating a Willing and Enthusiastic Team

14 June 2016 - by Geoff Ribbens

Leadership or Followership

Our Leadership Pathway Audit™ shows you how to create a team who “willingly and enthusiastically” accept your authority as a manager. It does this by identifying the team’s perception of you in terms of 12 authority dimensions.

The audit creates a 12 pronged profile. The trainer or coach explores with you what you might want to do more of, or less of, to improve your team’s acceptance. There is no single perfect profile it depends on the nature of the business and its culture. The reasons why a team “willingly and enthusiastically” accept authority would differ for a military leader compared with a social services leader.

Going on a leadership course, there are thousands, will only benefit you if you know how your team perceive you - because their perception determines your success!

The audit will create a pathway for you to have a team that accepts your authority “willingly and enthusiastically”, what it does not do is tell you what strategy or business decisions to take. This is the role of our other audits which focus on major business decisions; they all involve change and leadership whether it is Transformational Change, IT/IS Strategy, Outsourcing, Shared Services, Lean, Downsizing etc. already has 20 such audits on its web site

Major business decisions have to be delivered by managers at all levels and it is easier to deliver what is required if those managers have teams that “willingly and enthusiastically” accept their authority!

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