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Leading a Restructuring Programme


Leading a Restructuring Programme Pathway Audit™

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What is the Leading a Restructuring Programme Pathway Audit™?

A focused management questionnaire and analysis which gives your executive/management  team important structured information about the organisation and management impact of a downsizing and recovery implementation. It focuses on four key areas; planning, people, performance and processes and highlights strengths and development needs to inform your downsizing and recovery planning and implementation. Its key focus is on core strategic management issues - this is not a ‘legal checklist’, as legislation aspects vary significantly in different countries.

Why use it?

Understanding and actively managing a downsizing is a significant challenge and this audit informs the management team as to your readiness in a range of relevant key organisation and management areas. However, it offers more. Often the recovery from downsizing is addressed too late in the day, so this audit offers you the opportunity to actively consider this in detail alongside the actual downsizing. All of these aspects are essential in providing organisational continuity and minimising disruption to performance.

How do I use it?

Your executive/management team involved individually complete a simple on-line survey taking no longer than thirty minutes. The results are analysed and presented to highlight strengths and development needs in key areas such as planning for success, internal communications, transitioning and management capabilities.

When is it used?

The Downsizing and Recovery audit is best used before the downsizing takes place, or early into its implementation. This way, the results of the audit will best inform the various management and organisational critical aspects of the downsizing and recovery process.

Where can I find more information?

Pathway audits are available through Business Enlightenment and you can find out more by visiting . Whether you are a client or a consultant, you will discover all you need to know.

Who creates the audits?

Experienced audit authors, who have both senior corporate and consultancy background and over thirty years’ experience of organisation development, downsizing/recovery and change programmes. Their knowledge and experience is an invaluable resource.

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