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Leadership Pathway Audit™

A new approach to leadership and teams

The problem

To date, leadership has been based on plausible delusions:

  • That leadership is a property of the leader
  • That it requires value judgements – good leadership, ethical leadership, transformational leadership etc
  • Key principles of leadership can be applied to all leaders in all situations
  • There is a leadership quality that can be found in people or they can be trained to develop this quality

Personality assessments, 360 reporting and other current assessments do not measure leadership.

Leadership assessments generally require the leader to answer questions about themselves; they confuse the purpose, direction, goal, or mission of a leader with leadership, and overly rely on personality assessments – personality is not a predictor of leadership. Leadership is articulated as lists of idealistic traits that no leader or manager will possess or achieve, resulting in too much leadership work being based on the leader when it should concentrate on the team.

The solution is generally expensive generic leadership training that does not create beneficial long term change.

Our R&D

We completed 5 years of research that proved:

  • There is no leadership quality
  • 50 years of research had not delivered any common understanding and accepted definition of leadership  
  • The experience and perception of team members was often very different from that of leaders and managers themselves 
  • The leadership industry worked on lists of  unproven idealistic traits 
  • There are 12 key attributes that teams perceive in their leaders which define their willingness and enthusiasm for the leader

Our Solution

  • To approach assessing leadership by measuring the effect on and perception of team members
  • Uncover all the attributes that team members will follow resist or be affected by
  • Use data and software to create a cost effective, scientifically valid assessment and report
  • Coach, develop or train leaders and teams based on their unique construct; the leader, the team and the business or work they do

The Leadership Pathway Audit™

  • Evidence and data based
  • Creates a bespoke, provable and incredibly accurate profile for a team and leader against attributes they recognise and understand
  • A simple interface, for leaders and teams, to thorough thinking and engineering
  • Limitless options for personal, team and organisational development based on reality
  • It moves people from merely managing to leadership
  • Or model creates a leader who makes the team more productive
  • The team become willing and enthusiastic about their leader

12 measured attributes plus 60 sub-elements

  1. Authority based on confidence
  2. Authority based on sector or industry expertise
  3. Authority based on team management skills
  4. Authority based on technical or professional expertise
  5. Authority based on motivation – accepted motivators
  6. Authority based on coaching, training, mentoring
  7. Authority based on being seen as an agent of change
  8. Authority based on shared vision and values
  9. Authority based on position
  10. Authority based on fear or generating anxiety
  11. Authority based on controlling or micro managing
  12. Authority based on extrinsic incentives

Example profiles

18 page report and 600 data points

Our Solution


  • Compelling, fascinating and powerful presentation and interactive session
  • The Leadership Pathway Audit™ 
  • Individual coaching based on the leader and teams’ profile 
  • Training and development courses linked to your reality

Features and Benefits

  • Creates the link between the leader and productivity, staff retention, absence, staff survey results, stress and anxiety   
  • Defines a bespoke profile for every leader rather than forcing them into existing groups of personality type 
  • A key role and inclusion in leadership for team members 
  • Not a static view of a leader – the attributes change over time and role changes 
  • Not seeking idealistic leaders
  • Non-judgemental 
  • Flexible and adaptable; leaders and teams measure themselves over time
  • Creates the pathway from leaders developing themselves to getting the team to succeed
  • The basis for life-long learning and development

Benefits for Individual Leaders

  • A leader can have a regular audit and measure change and improvement over time and role changes
  • The leadership profile is all about reality and what you can change not personality
  • Not looking for good and bad but what actually exists
  • 600 plus data points for each leader 
  • Science and evidence, not a vague concept or management discussion
  • Defines what the team are looking for in a leader
  • Defines future development needs for individuals rather than generic “leadership training”
  • A product that can be continually referred to; the leader has a report and data on themselves and their team

Benefits for Organisations

  • Defines future development needs for teams and organisations
  • An organisation can measure corporate and cultural change over any period of time
  • An evolving view of reality that organisations need and want to understand
  • Non-intrusive, confidential and measures changes in leadership caused by organisational and market change  
  • It delivers big data across an organisation
  • Analytics look at the reality of leadership by level, role, age, characteristic, specialisation or any other comparison

A New Approach

The Institute for Leadership and Management is featuring our work this year and planning a roundtable event for industry 

“….the potential to move the dial…” 

  • “More useful than other leadership assessment tools I have completed”
  • “I have adjusted some of my behaviour as a consequence.”
  • “I found it a particularly useful process which gave me insight into how and where I and the team can focus effort.”
  • “Much more sophisticated that I expected”
  • “What was useful was it was objective and not just comments from the team”
  • “Made me realise one size of leadership doesn’t fit all”
  • “Much more about the team and the leader’s ability to adapt”

A New Approach for Mental Health

Many of the factors that cause stress and anxiety at work are the result of decisions made by leaders.  Often team members/employees who are stressed by their leader are given time for counselling because HR or line management don't realise the stress is caused by the leader.  Often the leader has no idea about the effect they are having as it is not intentional.  The team member goes for counselling which makes them feel a bit better then returns to work only for it to happen again.

Traditional leadership assessments and 360 reports concentrate on the idealistic and assumed leadership qualities, the Leadership Pathway Audit™ actually measures the anxiety perception in each team member which is much more useful and leads to decisions to change anxiety-inducing leadership behaviour.

Benefits for Coaches and Trainers

  • The Leadership Pathway Audit ™ can be delivered to any leader at flexible and attractive price; the value far exceeds the cost 
  • Coaches, trainers and HR professionals can utilise the Leadership Pathway Audit ™ at a set cost and increase their revenue by using it as part of their product portfolio at variable cost
  • Leaders will reduce the stress of uncertainty about their leadership and how their team is responding 
  • Team members will have a say in how they wish to be led and treated without the requirement to personally articulate issues to leaders and managers.  
  • Factors that could lead to stress, anxiety and other mental health outcomes will be resolved in realistic and non-judgemental ways


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