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What is the Business Start-Up Pathway Audit™ for Early Stage Companies?

This Pathway Audit looks at all the aspects that an early stage (pre-start up and start up: 0-3years) company should be considering in order to ensure that they are building a robust and viable proposition. The audit looks at the 10 vital elements of an early-stage business that are most likely to impact on viability.

Why use it?

Recent UK Office for National Statistics Research states that only 41.7% of businesses survive for over 5 years.  This is often because important elements of the business are not well thought through in the beginning.  Take this Pathway Audit™ to see if you have covered all the elements and if so increase your chances of success.

How do I use it?

Directors or partners complete an on-line questionnaire which takes less than 20 minutes to complete. The results are analysed and a report about the areas of the business that have been well thought through and those areas that might lead to slow growth or even failure if not attended to.

When do I use it?

The Pathway Audit™ for Early Stage Companies can be used at any stage in a young company’s development, to ensure that you have thoroughly thought through all the aspects of your business.  However, it is best used when you are about to launch a new business. There are huge advantages in using this Pathway Audit™ before you launch but it is still useful in the first few start up months as it will identify where you need to profitably invest your time and money.

Where can I find out more information?

Pathway Audits™ are available through Business Enlightenment and you can find out more by visiting Whether you are a client or a consultant, you will discover all you need to know. For more information about Pathway Audits™ examine this web site which explains how they utilise the collective wisdom of teams.

Who creates the audits?

Audits are created by our authors, who have both senior corporate and consultancy background and over thirty years’ experience. Their knowledge and experience is an invaluable resource.

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