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Recruitment and Selection Pathway Audit

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What is the Recruitment and Selection Pathway Audit™?

The Pathway audit is a focused management questionnaire that identifies an organisations capability (strengths and development needs) for the policies and practices associated with recruitment and selection. There are four broad headings that review the recruitment and selection process; company strategy, the scope of the role, the selection process and final decision making

Why use it?

Recruitment and selection is costly and it is even more expensive if you get it wrong. This audit compares your policies and practices against best practice. The audit is filled in by those managers who are responsible for recruitment and selection and or take part in the process. The audit results indicate where there is a requirement for further training or coaching.

How do I use it?

Managers who have a stake-holding in the recruitment and selection process fill in the on-line questionnaire which takes less than 30 minutes. The results are analysed and a report is generated and fed back to senior management – the organisations strengths and development needs being identified.

When do I use it?

When you need to compare your policies and processes against best practice.This could well be at the start of a recruiting process or programme. This allows you to focus on those areas that need attention, you can then focus the training, coaching or consultancy where it is needed. Most managers do not regularly become involved in recruitment and selection so you might use this audit every few years.

Where can I find out more information?

Pathway Audits are published by Chapel House Business Diagnostics website Whether you are a client, consultant or coach, you will discover all you need to know.

Who creates the audits?

Audits are created by our authors, who have both senior corporate and consultancy background and over thirty years’ of experience. Their knowledge and experience is an invaluable resources.


Pathway Audits™ - 30 years of experience for 30 minutes of your time

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