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Management Meetings Pathway Audit

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What is the Meetings Pathway Audit™?

The meetings Pathway Audit™ identifies your organisations strengths and development needs when it comes to running formal management meetings. Meetings consume time and money and both can be wasted if the meetings in your organisation are ill prepared, badly managed, inefficient, ineffective, and go on too long or are unnecessarily too frequent.

Why use it?

Continuous improvement, as a management philosophy, applies to processes and activities not just production and service delivery. The audit identifies 10 areas where improvements can be made. Formal management meetings are seldom reviewed and just taken for granted, they can lead to greater productivity and performance but in many cases time and money is wasted. Managers do not see the meeting as essential and constructive but just getting in the way of productive work not enhancing it.

How do I use it?

Managers who attend meetings fill in the Pathway Audit™ questionnaire that compares their perception of their meetings with an ideal organisation that runs meetings in a very efficient and effective manner. The questionnaire takes about 20 minutes to fill in but the resulting “gap analysis” means that your organisation will save time, money and lead to better decision making.

When do I use it?

The “meetings” audit can be used at any time to identify the strengths and development needs of your formal management meetings. Once improved processes and training has taken place, after 6 months, the audit can be used again to identify the improvements that have resulted.

Where can I find more information?

Management Meetings Audit™ is available through Business Enlightenment and you can find out more by visiting Pathway Audits™ are designed so save you time, money and enhance prosperity and growth.

Who creates the audits?

Audits are created by our authors, who have both senior corporate and consultancy backgrounds and over thirty years@ experience. Their knowledge and experience is an invaluable resource.

Pathway Audits- 30 years’ experience for 30 minutes of your time

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