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Business ‘Health Check’ Pathway Audit


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What is the Free Trial Business‘Health Check’ Pathway Audit ?

An abbreviated focused management questionnaire that identifies some of the strengths and development needs of a business or organisation. Pathway Audits are normally filled in by a leadership or management team and break down essential business activities into dimensions and provide a benchmark against which you can compare and contrast. The Free Trial is for one person to complete only and is illustrative of a full Pathway Audit.

How do I use it?

Select the Business Health Check Pathway Audit -  FREE TRIAL from the list of audits and add to your basket.

When requested register the required details these are used for your report feedback.

Proceed to Checkout and complete the request on our Terms and Conditions. Click on Free Purchase.

Enter the email address information required for the person completing the FREE TRIAL  (this may be you but the address is needed here ). Click on email respondents.

The respondent will receive an email and a unique link to access the site. Using the link in the email they will be able to fill in a randomly organised Trial Pathway Audit.

The results will be quickly analysed and the key findings will be fed back to you in a few days .This example feedback report will show the types of information you would receive in more detail when purchasing a full audit. The report will be sent to you via email to the email account you used to register with us.

Why use it?

The full questionnaires are online Systems, Organisation and Process ‘health-checks’ called Pathway Audits™ that can quickly and cost effectively assess your ability to deliver Strategy, Programmes and Change for many different business areas. After using them you can build on your strengths and tackle those areas which might be holding the business back.

When is it used?

The full Business/Organisational Health Check Pathway Audit can be used at any time to ascertain your businesses or organisations strengths and development needs. It can be used every few years or when there is an obvious need for a review. These would be used for example at key points in a major program.

Who creates the audits?

Experienced audit authors, who have both senior corporate and/or consultancy backgrounds each with over thirty years’ experience of designing and implementing business development programmes in a multitude of different organisations both public, private and multinational. Their knowledge and experience is an invaluable resource.

Where can I find out more information?

The full Business/Organisational ‘Health Check’ and more than 30 other Pathway Audit are available through Or contact  Whether you are a client, coach, trainer or consultant you will discover all you need to know.

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